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Combined Services Lead to Savings of $1.15 Million.

Combined Services Lead to Savings of $1.15 Million

Global portfolio, Lease Administration, Lease Auditing
Client: Fortune 200 electronics manufacturer

MBG Consulting has worked with this client since 2007. We initially served as their lease audit provider and, after a highly competitive bidding process in 2010, we were selected to take over all lease administration functions for their global portfolio. Our proven expertise and track record of service and innovation were key factors in our selection for this assignment. Drawing on our tested and proven transition approach, MBG Consulting seamlessly absorbed the lease administration duties with no disruption to the client’s ongoing business operations or auditing tasks. Since that time, we have enhanced and elevated their portfolio management function through comprehensive services, process improvements, best practices implementation, and forward-thinking operational solutions.

Scope of Services:
MBG Consulting provides comprehensive lease administration and auditing services for the client’s global portfolio including lease abstracting; database management; document management (including insurance certificates, SNDAs, and Estoppels); invoice reviews; rent roll processing and AP data feeds; critical dates management; ongoing desktop audits; operating expense analysis; budgeting; comprehensive reporting; subtenant management; tenant improvement allowance tracking; termination process coordination including security deposit tracking; lease language advising; due diligence for acquisitions; and policy manual development.

Key features of our work:

  • Process and workflow improvements
  • Subtenant lease administration
  • Due diligence for acquisitions
  • Lease data & occupancy data management
  • Support for technology integration
  • Integration with stakeholders and other service providers
  • Comprehensive lease audit planning
  • Innovative utility payment program

To date, our auditing program has recovered $450,000 in savings, at absolutely no cost to the client. The client has also realized savings and cost avoidance in excess of $700,000 since the inception of our lease administration services in October 2010.

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