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Lease Auditing. The Dollars are in the Details.

The overarching objective of our lease auditing services is to ensure that the lease language and the intent of the contractual lease obligations are being fairly and consistently enforced across your portfolio.

Our extensive experience in lease auditing gives us tremendous insight and judgment into areas for potential recovery. Legal, business, financial, and real estate expertise are integrated into our approach so our clients can be assured of thorough representation tailored to the particulars of your portfolio. While we are committed to managing every detail of your auditing program, we never lose sight of your broader strategic mission. At all times, we work diligently to integrate our activities with ongoing business functions in order to provide seamless data flow, big-picture support, and collegial collaboration.

We achieve auditing success by adhering to the following best practices:

Standardization of audit processes and procedures.
We transform audits from ad-hoc events into predictable, well-planned, and accurately-executed business functions.
Collaboration with client stakeholders to identify unique issues and priorities.
We will work with internal stakeholders to identify and incorporate organizational goals into our overall auditing strategy.
Rigorous examination of all relevant lease data.
We exhaust all avenues in our investigation of lease documents and datapoints that may be concealing opportunities for savings.
Expert evaluation of potential cost savings opportunities.
We draw on our comprehensive expertise in lease auditing and administration to form measured judgments regarding which opportunities to pursue as claims.
Thorough documentation of all claims and settlements.
Our meticulous documentation preserves all relevant information needed for substantiating claims and establishing settlement archives for tracking and research purposes.
Professional, proactive communication with landlords.
We protect our clients’ rights while preserving healthy and effective tenant/landlord relationships.
Sole focus on tenant representation.
Because we are an independent firm with an exclusive focus on tenants, we avoid all conflicts of interest that may be a source of concern when working with larger firms that provide multiple real estate consulting services to both landlords and tenants.
Comprehensive benchmarking.
We provide comprehensive benchmarking analysis that compares costs across clients and markets to ensure amounts are reasonable and in line with comparable charges.
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