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Global Reach. Think Locally, Act Globally.

We have experience managing portfolios with over 1,000 world-wide locations and coverage of over 30 languages. Our powerful, wide-ranging knowledge of international lease administration is a tremendous asset to clients with global portfolios.


MBG Consulting has developed a world-class lease administration program shaped by our significant expertise translating, abstracting, and managing leases in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Document translation and knowledge of local real estate statutes and customs are the pillars of our success in international lease administration.

Comprehensive Translation Services. MBG Consulting’s ability to provide in-house translation is unique among lease administration providers and offers a true benefit to our clients as we can typically assess documentation in a matter of a few business days. Our HQ staff alone offers fluency in Chinese, Spanish, French, and German, as well as other major European languages such as Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Serbian, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, and more. Our experience working with global portfolios has also enabled us to establish an extensive network of in-country industry contacts brought in when lease documents are in languages not covered by our own personnel. Furthermore, we only employ translators who are established real estate professionals with native fluency in the language they are tasked to translate, a strict standard that results in the highest quality translations and lease data.

Expertise in Local Laws and Customs. Our sophisticated understanding of British, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese real estate law (among other legal systems) gives us the tested knowledge necessary to manage local statutory issues inevitable with a globally-distributed portfolio. We have also developed our own statutory database organized by country which contains local real estate and legal contacts; local laws or issues pertinent to lease abstracts and administration; and representative contract terms.

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