Gabrovska Named Among Top Faculty for CoreNet’s MCR Program

Posted on November 25th, 2012 · Posted in Awards, Classes, CRE News, Industry News, Lease Language Consulting, Presentation

Mirela Gabrovska, MBA, MCR, President of MBG Consulting, was recently named as one of the top faculty for CoreNet Global’s Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) program. According to CoreNet, the MCR designation “provides essential skills that focus on critical business issues and the mission of the CRE organization in relation to corporate goals.” She was selected for the award based on the positive feedback of her students; instructors must receive a 6.4 average on a 7-point scale to receive this honor.

A graduate of the MCR program herself and a real estate executive with over two decades of experience, Gabrovska teaches Advanced Real Estate Negotiation. The course focuses on fundamental negotiations principles as researched by the Harvard Business School Negotiations Project: People/Problem, Interest/Position, Options, and Criteria for Principled Negotiation.

“This award is special to me because it feels great to give back. Both MBG Consulting and CoreNet are 10 years old: my company grew with CoreNet and I love giving back my time and energy for the betterment of the common causes of expanding knowledge, growing the CoreNet Global’s influence, and fostering networking,” Gabrovksa said.

Gabrovska stated that she draws on her love of the topic and hands-on experience in the field to create an exciting learning event for students. Negotiation is introduced as a process and not as an ad-hoc event starting and ending at the negotiation table. In order to bring a real-world perspective to the class, she draws on six case studies that involve team negotiations, which allows students to practice their negotiation skills, network, and have fun. The last case study involves role playing and, as Gabrovska mentioned, “we are finding plenty of acting talent in CoreNet’s world!”

“The CoreNet attendees who pursue the MCR designation and attend the class are great and a lot of fun – we have tremendous diversity which creates a fantastic dynamic for learning and exchanging knowledge about negotiation skills,” Gabrovska continued. “My CoreNet Global colleagues manage global real estate portfolios and the depth of their expertise and experience is thought-provoking, inspiring, and the catalyst for great conversations.”

Gabrovska also credited her teaching partners, including Denis DeCamp, Hans Lapping, John Westwood, and Evan Djikas among others, as providing the collaboration and support needed to deliver an outstanding course for their MCR students. The class has taken the teaching team across the globe, from Atlanta to Newark, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and London, working in tandem to help colleagues grow their professional negotiation skills and expertise.

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